As a specialist in the processing of ultra-high-performance polymer and composite materials,
Clayens works with a range of manufacturersof sports equipment, household appliances and connected
objects for the home. From design to production, Clayens masters every stage in the creation of bespoke parts.

Design and manufacture of parts for the home & life sector

Plastics and composites have become an integral part of our everyday lives. From internet boxes to ski bindings, they can be found in countless places. However, to achieve the final result, the materials have to undergo a crucial processing stage. The design of the parts and the choice of materials are important factors in creating parts that meet the needs of the user.

For this, Clayens brings you its global vision of the design and manufacture of parts (including, but not limited to, injected parts):

  • Thermoplastic injection moulding
  • Thermoset injection and compression moulding
  • Composite injection moulding
  • Assembly and overmoulding

Injection moulding of small and medium production
runs of parts for everyday equipment

Clayens provides you with its expertise in the design of the parts and equipment for everyday use.
We strive to maintain the highest standards to guarantee quality and reliability.



Home automation parts

Working closely with its customers, Clayens masters all aspects of plastic injection moulding for home automation, with applications ranging from shutter motorisation to alarm control systems and boxes.


pieces equipements maison

Household equipment parts 

We are able to process materials for parts used in household equipment, such as thermosets for household appliances.


pieces equipements sportifs

Sports equipment parts

For sports and leisure activities, Clayens offers innovative solutions tailored to your requirements, for equipment that will fully satisfy end users.


Clayens, a key player in your home automation and equipment parts design and manufacture projects

We work hand in hand to adopt the best approach for your small or medium series production project.


pole retd

An R&D department and design office to provide support 

We make it a priority to help you enhance the added value of your finished products. For this, we have an R&D department dedicated to developing new technologies and a design office that can assist you starting from specifications or initial sketches.


approche build to print

A “build to print” and “build to spec” approach

Our teams can work with you from your specifications or design a unique product from scratch. We assist with parts drawings, choice of materials and manufacturing processes.


large choix matériaux

A wide range of materials  

We work with all types of materials, from commodity materials to high-performance polymers, thermoplastics and thermosets, to meet appearance and mechanical resistance requirements.


parfaite maitrise

Full expertise in manufacturing processes

In addition to injection moulding, we have expertise in more specific processes such as precision metal cutting, metal-plastic overmoulding, assembly, paint decoration and pad printing, as well as PCBa and bundle production.


Clayens is your partner, from the design to the manufacture of parts for the home & life sector

We take great care to design and manufacture equipment parts that meet your expectations. Our group's international reach and multi-skilled workforce are real assets in ensuring the success of your projects. Talk to us about your next challenge!


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