Hygiène et sécurité

For more than thirty years, the Health Division of CLAYENS has been involved in the design, industrialisation and manufacture of hygiene and safety products. The trust major partners place in us and the performance of our production resources place us in a leading position for the outsourcing of the manufacture of a wide range of safety and hygiene applications.



Needle and syringe collectors

Thanks to our expertise in high-speed automation processes and our experience in moulding, CLAYENS's Healthcare division is able to handle a wide range of requests in this sector, including for needle collectors required for infectious clinical waste.


Contamination-free transfer system

Our technical expertise and state-of-the-art ISO7 facilities play a key role in the success of our critical products. We manufacture parts used in clean or even aseptic transfer that meet the highest requirements for cleanliness and particulate levels.

Hygiène & Sécurité