Less silicone for a better glide? Discover SilLess® technology and its application in primary packaging (pre-filled syringes) !


Less silicone for a better glide?

Discover SilLess® technology and its application in primary packaging (pre-filled syringes) !


Clayens NP Plastibell will introduce during Pharmapack 2023 its innovation called SilLess ®, a siliconization process that can be applied to prefilled syringes (PFS - Prefilled Syringes), which reduces the   amount of lubricant deposited while improving gliding thanks to the cross-linking of the silicone and its homogeneous and controlled distribution.

 The heart of the innovation of this unique siliconization technology, patented after 7 years of R&D and developed thanks to some partnerships with several Dermal Filler players, is based on the sequence   of   surface pre-treatment steps before siliconization, the homogeneous deposition of silicone and its cross-linking on the syringe.

This process, called "Silless®", first implemented on a 1ml extra-long   syringe, allows not only to obtain unique break-loose and gliding but also to strongly limit the quantity of silicone necessary to obtain this performance (<90µg/cm²). This process also allows a biocompatible treatment (ISO 10993-1 / UPS class VI), does not impact the transparency of the syringe and has demonstrated excellent stability over time thanks to a unique control of the bond between the silicone and the syringe body. Extractable and leachable tests have also demonstrated that the deposited silicone does not interact with injectable products such as hyaluronic acid.

This process has been mastered in production thanks to the acquisition of laboratory means allowing the control of the thickness and distribution of the silicone (see figure opposite). This technology can now be applied to syringes made of different polymers such as COC, COP or PP. Studies are underway with innovative and world-renowned players in the parenteral drug delivery device market to broaden the scope of application, including primary glass packaging (syringes) and other types of primary plastic packaging (COC tubes).




Would you like to test this unique process on your primary packaging? Contact us and make an appointment with our teams at Pharmapack 2023 (Stand D80) !


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