Retour sur Clayens NP, ouvre ses portes

#semaineindustrie 2021

A look back at the open house afternoon organised at Clayens NP's head office in Genas as part of the industry week.
?? 8 students of Mechanical and Production Engineering and 18 students in BTS CIM (Design and industrialization in microtechniques) accompanied by their teachers attended the visit of the technical and production centre of Genas, then animations of our speakers on the themes:
- Discovery of our design office and additive manufacturing
- Approach to Industry 4.0
- From the project phase to industrialisation
- Presentation of human resources on the employer brand, CSR, the importance of training and internship offers
Then we ended with testimonies from our work-study students, young recruits and career development
It was a rich afternoon that allowed us to discover the plastics industry and all the professions that enable us to give life to our clients' projects.
Thank you to our speakers, who we hope have given rise to vocations!

Cédric CIRER Vincent Grigi Hugo DIERSTEIN Ruben Berger-Poulat Philippe Ladrat ???????? ??????? (?é? ????????) Delphine Miolane Laurent Beaujard Thierry Martin Loïc Chalumeau Valentin Denis Celine Joubert Anne-Marie Goncalves Loan Couedor
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