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It means joining a French industrial group in the plastics industry, a fast-growing multi-specialist that is among the world leaders in the sector.

It means being ready to take on new challenges.

It means evolving in a sector that is changing rapidly to meet the challenges of a circular economy, by promoting eco-design: by sourcing recycled materials in our production, by anticipating the recycling of products and their reuse even before they are designed.

It means evolving within autonomous teams, in a collaborative and dynamic environment!

Today, CLAYENS Group adventure brings together average 5 000 men and women around the world, who share common values:



Our multiple skills enable us to meet the challenges of various sectors, and to offer our clients a complete and tailor-made support.
In order to take up new challenges, we recruit our talents in many different fields by addressing everyone : committed to the fight against discrimination in hiring, CLAYENS defends the diversity of talents and equal opportunities. The diversity of our employees' profiles is the strength of our group!

For young talents, applying to CLAYENS is an opportunity to join a group that encourages the development of skills and the taking of initiatives : the development of talent through action is at the heart of our company strategy. 
We offer many opportunities for internships and work-study programs : we are preparing for the future by investing in training and helping our young people find employment thanks to real career prospects in France and abroad. 

Committed to an industry that combines innovation and responsibility, we embody our slogan every day: 

" A world of opportunities !"

our values

We are driven every day by strong values that constitute the DNA of CLAYENS: 


We want to embody and inspire trust through our actions and attitudes. We act in partnership, respecting our commitments and encouraging internal initiative.


Our reputation is the essential asset of the company. We want to act permanently to preserve it.


We do not compromise. We cultivate exemplarity. In a permanent desire to set an example and to be close to our customers, we defend an honest and transparent company policy on a daily basis.


Open to the world and looking to the future, we want to make progress every day, for the benefit of our customers, our employees and our shareholders.

Our culture is built around strong ethical principles. Clayens promotes awareness and encourages its employees to conduct themselves in accordance with the Group's Code of Ethics, which defines and integrates ethical values into the proper functioning of our Group.

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You meet with a member of the HR department and your future manager, by video and/or on site

4. Integration

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Key figures for 2022


Nationalities represented in the group

55% - 48%

Male/Female Distribution


14 years

Average seniority in the company


44 years

Middle aged



Joining CLAYENS means benefiting from a Human Resources policy that is committed to helping its employees grow through the development of skills via training, the enhancement of performance, the detection and development of potential, and the construction of long-term career plans.


Management Control Assistant

Clayens NP Simonin

It is within Clayens that I learn my job every day and that I try to evolve positively !

Who are you? 

I am Timothée, I am 27 years old, I work in the management control department at Clayens NP Simonin

How long have you been with Clayens?

Since 2007 !

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Sales and Logistics Assistant

Clayens NP Savoie

Clayens is about access to training and giving value to experience

Who are you ?

My name is Florence and I am 49 years old. 
I started working at Clayens NP Savoie in September 2000 as a temporary operator.

How long have you been with Clayens ?

I'm celebrating 22 years of service !

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Metrology and New product quality manager

Clayens NP Piaseczno

Clayens, a company where you can start your own journey

Who are you ?

I’m a Metrology Manager and New Product Quality Manager. I was studying Quality Engineering, and it was my passion since the beginning

Depuis combien de temps es-tu chez Clayens ?

I have been working here since 2004. 

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Metrology laboratory Manager

Clayens NP Morocco

Above all, it is a source of pride! A dynamic group [...] always at the forefront of innovation

Who are you ?

My name is Nadia, mother of two daughters, sportswoman, I live in Mohammedia.

How long have you been with Clayens ?

11 years, it passes quickly, it's like it was yesterday !

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Purchasing/Storage Manager Receiving/Shipping

Clayens NP Savoie

For me Clayens is the key to success !

Who are you ?

My name is Romain, I am 38 years old, I have two children. 

How long have you been with Clayens ?

Almost 19 years old !!!

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Wharehouse Manager

Clayens NP Germany

For me Clayens is a company with a lot of growth potential left

Who are you ?

My name is Dennis and I´m 27 years old. After finishing my training as an industrial clerk, the company offered me a paid extra-occupational study in logistic management. 

How long have you been with Clayens ?

I started my journey at Clayens in 2013.

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