As a specialist in polymer processing, Clayens extends and combines its expertise in the assembly of electronic components to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, including the automotive and industrial sectors.

Electronic circuit boards, from design to manufacture

Electronic circuit boards and other assemblies of electronic components have to meet very strict requirements. From design and development, through to the integrated industrialisation of micromechanical and/or microelectronic modules and micro-systems, Clayens takes charge of your project, building on it and ensuring a successful outcome. As specialists in plastronics, we know how to combine plastics processing and electronics to integrate printed circuits into injection-moulded thermoplastic parts. 

For the manufacture of our PCBs, we have expertise in several manufacturing processes: 

  • SMT (surface mount technology) 
  • THT (through-hole technology).

Design for Test & Design for Manufacturing: a customised approach to your project 

From design to the supply chain, we handle every stage in the assembly of a wide range of electronic components.


Printed circuits boards (PCB, PCBA)

We design and manufacture full-function printed circuit boards (PCBs). Our range of skills also means that we can help you create finished products incorporating electronic circuit boards.


Cable harnesses  

We produce all types of electrical and electronic cable harnesses in line with the requirements of your industrial sector (automotive, aerospace, etc.).


Mechatronic assembly

As we strive to provide you with a comprehensive response to all your requirements, we take our approach one step further by offering you our expertise in mechatronics for specific projects.


Certified in the automotive, aerospace and environmental sectors, we work for a wide range of industries

Comprehensive expertise for the assembly of electronic components

From the smallest printed circuits to the most complex electronic boards in their millions, Clayens is on hand to provide support.



Product design

We work with trusted design offices to build on your project. Together, we design your electronic circuit board or any other electronic assembly, ensuring we make optimum technical choices.

parfaite connaissance materiaux

Expert knowledge of materials

As printed circuit boards can contain up to 60 different components, we can help you choose the right materials. In a market suffering from shortages, our role is also to recommend available raw materials.


parc machine flexible

Highly-flexible range of machinery

We have a highly flexible range of machinery for a wide variety of projects and processes. We also have machines for varnishing printed circuit boards to protect them from all forms of damage (dust, humidity, etc.).


test programmation des cartes electroniques

Programming and testing electronic boards

To complete our support, we can also test and program your electronic boards before shipment. We are experts in a range of test methods, including in-circuit tests, flying probe tests and in-house functional tests.

Combined expertise for ambitious electronic and plastronic projects

Clayens is first and foremost a group with an international reach and extensive knowledge of materials processing. Plastronics, in particular, opens up new opportunities to meet the challenges you face.

Because sourcing the right components is a real challenge, we have a team dedicated to purchasing raw materials. This enables us to react quickly and find components in stock that are suited to the design of your part, for production without delays.

Based in France and Morocco, our two electronic production sites complement each other to meet all your requirements.

We are certified ISO 9001, IATF 16949, EN/AS/JISQ 9100 / ISO 14001. 

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