Thermoplastic / composite

Clayens is at your side for all projects involving the design and manufacture of thermoplastic and composite parts: from your initial idea right through to industrialisation.
Plastics and composites processing requires the utmost precision and that's why we're here to help you.

Design and manufacture of thermoplastic and composite parts

Thanks to their many chemical properties and the ease with which they can be shaped, plastics and composites are proving to be particularly interesting materials for the manufacture of components for everyday use. Composites and thermoplastics are all around us, from homes and cars to aircraft and medical equipment. At Clayens, we have expertise in a range of processes to meet the needs of the most ambitious projects:

  • Thermoplastic and composite injection moulding
  • Two- or three-material injection moulding
  • Thermoplastic and composite machining
  • Thermoplastic and composite stamping
  • Overmoulding of metal and composite inserts

An R&D department and design office serving your performance needs

Clayens is able to process and mould all kinds of materials with a wide range of performances, from basic to the highest performance (from polypropylene to PEEK, from nylon to elastomers).

40 types matières

Over 40 types of materials 

You can choose from a wide range of materials and processing methods. We have full control over the entire processing chain.


respect contraintes

Complying with the constraints of your sector

Clayens knows how to adjust the requirements of its parts according to your sector of activity, for very specific uses (food contact, medical materials, impact resistance, etc.).


transformation matériaux spéciaux

Processing special materials

Whether for structural composites, thermoplastic prepregs, organosheet hybrids, carbon fibre or fibreglass composites, we know how to give your parts the right level of finish.


Composites and thermoplastics for all sectors

Support at each stage

Each business sector has its own range of possibilities. Our role is to help you design high-performance parts that are consistent on every level!




We can work with you from the initial idea right through to the finished part, taking feasibility criteria (material, shape, ROI) into account.




Is your part already designed? Clayens can manufacture/mould your composite and thermoplastic parts according to a supplied mould and your specifications.




Our design office is on hand to study your project and make the best recommendations for improvement (performance, mechanical strength, etc.).


multi fournisseurs


Clayens adapts to you and your processes. Indeed, we can work with the companies with whom you choose to work.


Clayens, a certified group for the processing of plastics and composites

The Clayens Group has a number of production units around the world, providing greater flexibility and scope. Whether for mass production or limiting the number of materials per part to facilitate recycling, together we can find solutions to meet your requirements.

From the choice of materials and design to the manufacturing process, we take great care to ensure the quality of our work and the success of your projects. As proof of our expertise, we have a number of certifications:

  • Composites: NADCAP (aeronautical non-destructive testing) - approved moulder for Torlon(R) (Solvay)
  • Thermoplastics: ISO9001 and ISO TS16949 


Our production sites for thermoplastic and composite parts

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