Clayens, a global group specialising in the processing of ultra-high performance materials, assists electrical equipment
manufacturers and industrialists in the design and manufacture of electrical and electronic parts.

Design and manufacture of parts for companies in the electrical and electronics sectors

Electrical insulation components need to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of safety, security and durability. Our team is on hand to support you every step of the way, from the initial stages of your project right through to series production. We have the technology and resources to design and produce:

  • Thermoset insulation parts
  • Composite insulation parts
  • Machining of insulation parts
  • Assembly of various electronic components
  • Plastronics

Electrical insulation parts for all types of use

We strive to provide you with impeccable quality that stands the test of time, while incorporating innovative technology for enhanced performance.


ultra terminal

Ultra terminal and special electrical equipment

From sockets to switches and from meters to circuit breakers, we know how to injection-mould or machine protective parts that will be in direct contact with users. 


moyenne et haute tension

Medium and high voltage

Whether you need transformers, circuit-breaker components or insulation parts, we can help you create specific parts for medium- or high-voltage lines.


assemblage composants electroniques

Assembly of electronic components

We can combine our expertise in plastics injection and compression with the integration of electronic components to create electronic boards, cable harnesses, etc.


Clayens, your technical partner

For drawing parts, choosing materials or calculating material resistance, Clayens becomes your design office or backs up your technicians to ensure your project is completed successfully.


pole retd

A state-of-the-art R&D department

At Clayens, our aim is clear, namely to provide you with technical solutions to meet ever more demanding requirements. That's why our R&D department is a driving force in a number of areas. 


bureau etude

A design office that listens

Whether your specifications are clearly or loosely drafted, we can help you to formulate your requirements and translate them into a perfectly finished part. Our design office ensures the feasibility of the project and makes recommendations in terms of design and materials.

maitrise chaine fabrication

Control of the production chain

We control every stage of the production chain. After building the right production tools (such as moulds), we then launch large-scale production at our sites. Of course, logistics are an integral part of your project from the outset.

controle qualite

Quality control

We pay close attention to the quality and consistency of the parts we produce. Insulation parts require the perfect processing of materials to withstand high electrical currents and chemical and environmental aggression. 

conception pièces d'isolation

A wide range of processes for the design of electrical insulation and electronic parts

Our expertise in different technologies (thermoplastics, thermosets, electronics, etc.) combined with our mastery of a wide range of processes (injection, compression, etc.) means we can support you at every stage in the design of your electrical and electronic parts.

Clayens seeks to develop a relationship of trust with you for high value-added projects. We make it a priority to meet the commitments we undertake with you, both financially and in terms of the support we provide.

With production sites all over the world, we have the human and material capacity to meet your needs. Talk to us about your next project!


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